So you know how we only just moved into our new place… well we also got a puppy!


It wasn’t meant to happen so soon! Honest! I thought around Christmas we might start looking about, once we were all settled, gotten used to our bills again and enjoyed a few months alone. But no. We saw an add for these German Shepherd pups not far from my work, and just decided to go see them…


I figured I’d take the boy along we’d snuggle some puppers and he would realise the responsibility of a puppy and change his mind, as I was happy to wait! But then we saw Max… He was so sweet and was having a great time with his brothers and sisters until we came along and ruined it all.


We literally had nothing set up as didn’t go strictly with the intention to buy – very irresponsible I know! So we paid and he just sat on Dan’s lap, scared out of his wits until we got home. We both drove up, so Dan took him home and I dashed to Pet’s at Home to stock up! I ran around like a mad woman, throwing everything I could think of in the Trolley – still finding time to colour coordinate however! I then got to my car and really had to compose myself as it suddenly dawned on me… we just bought a puppy!


Once he was home and settled it didn’t take too long for him to chill – he had a couple of noisy nights but quickly learnt after a 10 minute cry, we weren’t going to pander to him.


We definitely jumped in at the deep end, but you know what… I think if we had thought about it too much, we would never have got him! Spontaneity has paid off!

He’s doing great! He can ‘Sit’, ‘Lay down’, ‘be quiet’ and is toilet trained! We’re working on ‘Leave’ and ‘Stay’ but he’s starting to become a bit more stubborn! In a couple of weeks, big boy training begins with another bunch of Shepherds, so hopefully he’ll pick everything up quickly!


He’s so friendly with people and wants to say hello to everyone! Which is great, especially with the little ones 🙂


However he is a puppy so naturally he’s gonna destroy shit! So there has been a few ‘situations’. But luckily he’s not been hurt – so far- and nothing valuable has been eaten…


So yh, that’s Max! He totally has an Insta already (of course…) so go give him a follow for daily updates > @MaxthedestroyerGSD