OMG Hey you guys!

So shock horror! I’ve been off the grid for what feels like forever…

I don’t think I’ll ever change!

LOTS has happened! Firstly…Moving into our new home! And secondly…WE GOT A FRICKING PUPPY! Yes Yes, I know…Super irresponsible… FUCK IT!

Seeing as we have lots to catch up on, I figured I’d just set up a few blog posts!

Okay, so over 2 months ago we moved into our new home!


It was all rather exciting! After 9 months of shacking up with The Boy’s rents (For which we will be eternally grateful!) We became home owners to a little house in Wellingborough! Kinda far from home…It’s been an adjustment for both of us, being so far from everyone, but it’s awesome having our own space again. I didn’t realise how much I missed all our old furniture! I could have snogged Henry Hoover when he came out his box!

Anyway, word of advice to any of you thinking about buying a house for the first time – DON’T DO IT! No I’m only kidding! The whole process went fairly smoothly, considering we just bought one of the most expensive things we will ever own… But sheesh it got a little stressful in the end.

Moving dates weren’t confirmed until the very last moment (obviously) But I found this really hard to cope with as I like to plan things WAAAAY ahead… Then when the day came they said the keys were ready when they weren’t, which delayed things even further. And especially annoying after driving up there with our whole lives in a truck!


BUT we are in, settled and it’s going great. We have a leaky sink, a leaky boiler and so much bloody wallpaper to strip still, but it’s home.


It’s been strange getting back into our usual routine, but now life is back to normality…somewhat…more on that later! Clue – it’s got 4 legs and woofs!