Lime Crime Review

Hello strangers!


Blogging is hard when I’m not settled, I’m not gonna lie… I should just give up and Vlog as that seems so much easier but I hate the sound of my voice so let’s just stick to the non existent posts instead!
So I recently had my work Christmas do… I was starting to get pretty stressed out about my outfit as always, but luckily had a midi skirt from New Look hanging about, so found a plain black body in Matalan and thought I’d add some colour with my Lipstick.
I’ve got on really well with my Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in ‘Scorpio’ but have wanted to try out the Lime Crime range for some time.
Like Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Lime Crime is certified as Cruelty Free which is an added bonus!
It was a very dark plum colour, but I love going a bit dark and glam on a night out so it was right up my street.
I applied the lipstick over the top of a similar colour lip liner on the night, as when I tried it on without a few days before, it did bleed a little.
The night began around 5:30PM so up until 7:00PM I was doing okay, before feeling like I wanted to reapply. This was after eating and drinking too so felt that wasn’t bad going.
I did then need to reapply twice after – up until 3AM, unfortunately I did get a smudge on my upper lip that would not budge – so watch out when applying as it does stain the skin quite a bit!
The colour and pigment was awesome, but it felt really dry and flaky on my lips and still bled a little, even with the liner, just not as much as it did without. It came off on everything! Which was a little annoying as was so dry on my lips, yet smudged like a normal lipstick…
I like the packaging and the colour range, but don’t think I will be trying in another colour 😦
Will stick with Jeffree for now.
Any other suggestions on a liquid lipstick?

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