Pinterest top picks this week!


It’s been a couple of weeks and lots has been going on!

We attended a beautiful wedding in Portsmouth which was great fun! I must admit it was also a little scary seeing the bride head down the aisle…Can’t imagine me doing it yet, but it makes my stomach churn! #Scardeycat

We have also been house hunting and arranging mortgage stuff’s this week! Another big scary moment, looking round a house knowing that we could potentially have it…

All these adulty things make me want to curl up and hide in bed, eat biscuits and go on Pinterest all day!

Which leads me to today’s post! I love all things Pinterest – spending hours a day pinning wedding ideas, home hacks and furniture goals to my hearts content! So I wanted to share my fave pins this week…

DIY Wedding Planning Binder!

I love being little miss organised – Not that that makes me any more organised…But I like to try!

So things like this make me happy. Especially for weddingy stuffs. Our big day is  a long way off but being a girl, I like to look at endless pages of flowers and wedding decor, so getting organised is something I can do before the real planning begins! This handy little guide from is great for getting me started on a binder!


God knows why this Pin links to this Buzzfeed article, but I liked the Utility room featured anyway!

Having lived at the flat we have a good idea of what we want from our ‘Big House’ – such as a window in the bathroom, a large ish kitchen, a south facing garden (Here’s hoping!)

But now we are actually viewing places I’m starting to add to that list! Now I would kill for a Utility room! And a pantry… Ooh and a bay window! #Goals

So I’ve been drooling at different ideas for Utility rooms on Pinterest like the sad old lady that I am…


Now Autumn is fully upon us, I’m feeling festive! I’m looking forward to Christmas time and being able to fully wear a jumper without breaking out into a sweat!

This includes being a fatty! I’m trying not to completely fall off the wagon but it’s super hard of late! So I’m going to keep treats to a minimum and just Pin them all instead!

This Slow Cooker Gingerbread Latte recipe from the ‘Cookie Rookie‘ looks so lush and super easy too!


Does anyone else remember Salt Dough!

We used to make it in the summer holidays and leave our creations to dry in the sunshine before painting them.

My mum always used to make one hell of a hedgehog!

I thought this would be a cheap and easy idea for Christmas Gifts or Decorations as we are on a budget this year. And also for wedding decorations.

I also found another pin where they created moulds of their door keys from all the houses they lived in!

I cant wait to relive my childhood memories and get moulding!



I’m so glad the boy enjoyed our recent camping trip in May! Not so much in August at Boardmasters mind.. But I’ll let him off – that was a bit rough for me!

So I’ve been trying to find some good places that we can go next summer and came across this handy list from the Telegraph!

I love the British coast and have spent many years visiting Devon and Cornwall so would really like to explore some more and try out something new myself!

Any suggestions from anyone else would be great!

Well that rounds up my top Pins for this week! What have you been pinning lately? Head to my Pinterest boards – maybe we could be Pin Friends!?

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