My Schwarzkopf Live Colour experience.

I change my mind about my hair colour more often than I change my socks! I’m sure of it!


On Friday night I bleached my hair, since it was so super faded from Boardmasters! Figured it wouldn’t take a lot to go back to blonde seeing as I was practically white…

Oh how I was wrong.

To be honest, I’ve had worse experiences trying to bleach my hair back to blonde from another colour. Quite literally turning my hair bright orange wasn’t fun…

So I ended up with a yellow / Green… Situation… that wasn’t toooo bad but it definitely wasn’t going to stay. I was debating going to the dark side for a bit, but I know I’ll regret that 3 minutes in. So I decided, on a whim, to go pink!


I found this Schwarzkopf Live Colour kit in Boots and loved the shade on the box! I wouldn’t personally call it ‘Rose Gold’ but I definitely loved the peachy, pastel vibe!

I got 2 boxes…big mistake. Needed 4 to cover my whole head properly, so have ended up a little patchy – but the fruit salad look is something that appeals to me!

I’ve used Schwarzkopf Live colour before – red, blonde, plum etc. And have always found the colours quite damaging. But this is completely different! My hair feels fantastic – considering it’s had 2 bleaches and now a colour. So big thumbs up for conditioning qualities Schwarzy!



It has come out brighter than the box suggests, but I’m guessing this will fade after 1 or 2 washes – luckily i’m not one to be phased by this sort of surprise!

20160825_084906 (1)

What do you think of my new look? Do you think I made a good decision, or would Brown have been your choice?

Peace out.X


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