Well this is awkward.

This one is a hard one to write, I’m not gonna lie. I just want to say now, this isn’t written in a sour tone, so please don’t judge.

I don’t complain much.

Okay, okay, I don’t complain ‘Officially’…

I moan and moan about how unhappy I am about something to my friends and family, but rarely do I go directly to the store, waitress, hairdresser, whoever and actually complain.

I think this is down to wanting to please everybody, all the time. I’m not afraid to admit

Hands up who’s been for a haircut, and not liked what they’ve received?

I’m sure quite a few of you, am I right?

Now who actually said they didn’t like the cut or style whilst in the salon?

Not so many now, huh?

This isn’t exactly like that, as I was happy with the finished result, but it was slightly close.

I was recently invited along to a salon opening here in Milton Keynes. Bonus! A ‘Blogger’ first for me… Someone has actually invited me to get a complimentary cut and blow dry at this new salon – Rush!



I was super excited! So I trotted off to the city centre, camera phone at the ready! All prepared to be a blogger nerd!

When I arrived, there was a really nice chap downstairs who greeted me, and told me to head on up to the second floor where I would be looked after.


I get up there and it’s buzzing. Lots of people flitting about, generally being hairdressers and lots of customers. The waiting area was quite full, but they all seemed pretty happy, so I squeezed onto a couch and began instagramming the shit out of the place!


A few people looked over every now and again, so I smiled hoping someone would offer me a drink – being a tad muggy outside, and just generally busy up the centre, I was pretty hot by this point and gasping!

I could see champagne glasses and empty plates about with snacks on, but nowhere to help yourself so figured someone would offer something soon.

Admittedly I did get there early so knew to expect a 10 minute wait, but 35 minutes was a bit extreme I thought…

Someone eventually asked if I wanted a drink, but at the same time I was whisked away to get my hair washed, so my water seemed to have been forgotten.

A lovely, albeit a tad too ‘chatty’ washed my hair for what felt like an age bless her.

Finally, after nearly an hour of me being in the salon, I was actually getting my hair cut!

I was being looked after by one of the directors by the looks of it – she had lots of visitors coming by with flowers and cards to congratulate her on the opening. Which was fine – until she kept disappearing. At one point I had my hair clipped up and she wandered off leaving me sat in my chair with hair over my face, awkwardly looking out from under it all like ‘Hellooo’…

Also, I know Hairdressers don’t necessarily have the most delicate of hands, but should my scalp hurt that much after a haircut? I honestly thought I was going to lose my scalp at one point…

ANYwaaaay…All in all, I felt a bit forgotten for the most part, slightly battered and gasping. BUT I did like my cut, and she sorted out my fringe, which was slightly messed up from a previous haircut. So the skill is definitely there.

When I was finished I went back downstairs to the nice man who greeted me in the first place, and didn’t say a word… I could have been honest right there and then, but I didn’t. Instead I booked in for a couple of weeks’ time.


I’m not writing this post to completely slate the salon AT ALL. I’m just trying to be honest. I was offered a complimentary cut, I’m guessing for some publicity in return. But I’m not gonna bullshit you and say ‘It was lovely, go in and spend a fortune just because I said so!’ Not at all.

What I am gonna say is, ‘Maybe go in a few weeks, when they have settled into their new premises. And see how it is for yourself.’ The salon is pretty trendy and they have a cool drink station set up, which, if I had the opportunity to have tried, is a nice touch! They have some skilled hairdressers who know what they are doing with a pair of scissors, but just need little more practice with some busy hours.

I will go back, there’s no doubt about it. I just found myself in an awkward situation, where I was offered something in response to me blogging / promoting them, and sadly it wasn’t brilliant. So I just wanted to be honest and completely open about my visit.

Comment below if you have been in a similar situation where you haven’t felt comfortable being completely honest – be it a hair cut, poor dinner service or even a good friend being out of line.


As mentioned previously, I did say I would go back and would like to say my second experience was much better than the last! I had an early appointment, so it was very quiet. But I got seen to right away, offered a drink right away. Emily sat me down to start with and spoke through what I wanted to achieve. My hair has been feeling a little flat lately so wanted a bit more volume, which she definitely created! And she even offered some advice on how to recreate the look myself at home.

Previously I had mentioned I had no doubt about the level of skill, so if you want a decent haircut I would definitely recommend! But the service and atmosphere this time was far better and I even got a glass of water! Top marks Rush, on turning this around.

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