Flower Power

I think I may have a bit of an obsession.

This is my second Flower Crown workshop I’ve been to, and the fourth crown I’ve made. Albeit two of those were fake flowers… But still.

I found out about this workshop and couldn’t say no! Pimms, nibbles, fresh flowers. Why the hell not?!

It was held in theΒ The Golden Hare GalleryΒ in Ampthill, not too farΒ from old MK. I’m not gonna lie – never been to Ampthill. Not sure why…

BUT if your ever in the area, have a look about. There’s some lovely shops and great pubs about. Among them –Β The Golden Hare Gallery.

I got there a little early so luckily got a chance to nose about. And they have some beautiful products. From Jewellery and trinkets, teatowels, china andΒ even hand printed wrapping paper! I was in my element!

We then went upstairs to a dinky little room where we had a short talk on how to attach the flowers and then we got making!

I’m always so disappointed when we have the flowers chosen for us already, as I feel that’s squishing my creative flow…

But when you see how different everyone’s crowns look at the end that disappointed quickly vanishes!

There was a great variety of flowers and lots that I’ve never seen or heard of before but they were easy to work with and all matched perfectly. Emma, fromΒ Blossom and Bramble,Β was the wonderful florist who helped us create our beautiful crowns.

No matter how many times I make a Flower Crown, I will never get sick of seeing how pretty they turn out. And I picked up some new tips this time too!


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