Craft Please!

We’ve hosted yet another Crafternoon! This time it was all about subversive cross stitch. For anyone who isn’t in the know – cross stitch minus the bunnies and country scenes and more swearing and mermaids.

All week I’ve been working on my very own cross stitch kit from ‘The Geeky Stitching Company’ to get some practice in before the weekend. But unfortunately life happens so didn’t quite finish it in time. Which was fine as it meant I could finish off the last couple of flowers and focus on our guests.

If you fancy a bit of cross stitch but something more quirky, then take a look at the geeky stitching Co. They are awesome! Their insta is soooo colourful too 😍 Will definitely be ordering another kit soon. I found it really clear and it came with everything you need! I loved the presentation upon arrival too.

I wanted to make some decorations as I do every Crafternoon so made a ‘Craft Please!’ Banner out of gold glitter card and transformed some bright balloons into blasphemous beauties! I wanted to buy them ready to go with the words on but could I find anything?! No! So party shop people- please create some rude balloons for the grown up events! 

Writing on balloons is hard so if you plan on doing something similar then be prepared! They didn’t turn out as I’d hoped but you can see where I was going with it…

We made up the cross stitch hoops ready so everyone could just crack on. Pinterest delivered – with loads of funny cross stitch designs to inspire us. I also got some graph paper so people could create their own design if they wanted. Lostinknit used a couple of designs to create her Little Mermaid inspired piece! I can’t wait to see the finished result!

Of course we had plenty of food! As I’ve been on a diet and training plan for the past 12 weeks I allowed a mega cheat Day! So we had proper party food! Including party rings, donuts and even cocktail fondant fancies! 

Safe to say I had a sugar hangover that evening… 

All in all, a really nice chilled afternoon, stitching and catching up with friends. Sadly the last one in the flat too! So might be a while until we host another.


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