Festival Glitter Makeup

I got glittered!

20160612_135042 (1)

That’s right, I am getting in the Festival spirit this Summer – if you can even call it that! – and trying out my Festival Makeup and that means…GLITTER!


What with Boardmasters coming up this August, I thought I better have a trial run with my Festival Look this year, and a chance to try out my ‘Go Get Glitter Mermaid Vibes‘ Set!


I have only just found out about ‘Go Get Glitter‘ and I must say I’m in love! They have some amazing sets to choose from on line – and not bad value! I’ve tried some different types of body glitter before, and this definitely feels like a high quality product. You get some pretty chunky bits of Glitter in these bottles!


The kit also comes with the Water Soluble Glue to stick it to your skin, which is great! It doesn’t smudge your makeup, which I find happens when using Vaseline. And it doesn’t budge! I struggled to remove it I must admit – but I would rather that, than it coming off after a few hours dancing!


I just went for a simple look to start with – around the eye and cheekbones. One look I am loving and will be giving a go is under the eye! Perfect to cover up those bags when your on day 4 and feeling just a little delicate! And if I have a steady hand – glitter brows! Such a bold look.

20160612_135109 (1)

A big thumbs up from me, Go Get Glitter. So if your heading off to any festivals this Summer, then I would definitely hit them up. Or if not just check out their Insta! It’s got Glitter for Days!





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