Walking along Baggy Point

Hello from slightly sunny Devon!


Right now I’m sat outside a tent with pretty intense sunburn and a cider in hand…it’s been a long day!


Me and the Boy have joined the rents down in the South West for a spot of camping this bank holiday weekend.


It’s his first time camping so the pressures on to show him how fun it can be. Even if the weather isn’t really going to plan…


So this morning, after a bit of a wet and rocky start, the sun was poking it’s head out through the clouds, so we decided to walk from Croyde, where we are pitched up, to Woolacombe beach, along the coastal path and ‘Baggy point’.


It started off okay…a bit of a hill but then some stunning views of the Devon coastline, so totally worth it…


My new Hi Tec walking boots FINALLY being worn for the use they were bought for!


We saw sheep, sheep and some more sheep!


Plus lots of lovely scenery and even some cliff jumpers!


The sun came out in full force early afternoon and we paid the price of dressing for a hike… it was so hot!


As Dan says, “We’ve just got to be like Scar…’be prepared’!”

So we stopped for a cider and a pasty and then made our way back.



A long old afternoon in the sun, but so worth it! 28000+ steps, 8.4 miles and 867 calories burnt.

I think I’ve earned this burger….


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