Festival Feline

So festival season is in full swing and I am loving the festival fashion, as always! The high street is just full of boho floral headbands, 90s bombers, sequins and tassles galore. HEAVEN!

I am a big fan of the floral headband trend. Even made a fresh flower one myself! So when I came across some Floral CAT EARS! Yes. You read that right. Cat Ears. I was buzzing!


So I asked for them for Christmas.

The boy didn’t deliver. I know right?! He actually laughed… the cheek!

So I asked for them again for my Birthday.

Still nothing…

I mean I’m marrying this guy?! WTF.


So I treated myself to these beauties from Crown and Glory. Their whole range just blows my mind! But I had to refrain and just stick to one. For now!


So naturally it had to be these Beautiful floral cat ears from the Rock n Roll BrideΒ collection.


I will be living in these this summer!


What’s your favorite Festival Trend this year?

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