And so it begins…

Hi Folks!

Me and the Boy are now on a mission to get slim before we trot down the aisle, so we have decided to go for it and get a PT!

We are on a 12 week mission to eat clean, train hard and get in shape! This should also help with our goal this year, of climbing Snowdon!

So we received our plans from Cy Gregory, who is a fully qualified CPPS (Certified Physical Preperation Specialist) and Strength and Conditioning Coach. To be honest it was a little daunting. Just thinking about doing a food shop seemed impossible…As we both have different calorie, protein, carb and fat requirements it’s going to take a little brain power to meal plan and shop for 2, let alone just me!


But now I’ve sat and looked at everything properly and thought about the options we can have, it will be fine.


The first thing I did was went out and bought some decent scales. I was on the hunt for some beautiful red retro ones, but duty calls… so the digital ones are on the side, and will stay there for the next 12 weeks or longer!


We also have a workout plan, which is quite different to my usual ‘routine’, but it will be good to go to the gym with an idea of what I’m about to do, instead of just walking in aimlessly and going on whatever’s free!


The biggest barrier will be getting away from the ‘norm’ when it comes to meals. So Instead of just a Sunday treat, my breakfast everyday may well be Eggs, Turkey bacon, Mushrooms and Tomatoes, or a Chicken omelette… As long as everything is adding up then we’re all golden.


One tool that I always underestimate is My Fitness Pal! I have now put in all my nutrition allowances for each day and that helps me keep track of everything. As long as I’m putting in the correct weights for everything it should be almost 100% accurate.


The Boy has never been a fan of slimming world dishes, so he dipped in and out of my SW plan alot. But now we are both in the same boat, as such, it will be so much easier to support each other.

I cant wait to see some results! I will be filling you all in regularly, with lots of photos too… :S

Happy Training!

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