Sitting pretty.

Hi folks!

Hope you are all enjoying your Easter. Been a while I know.. always the way. I’ve been a busy bee with work and birthday celebrations recently. My parents came to stay with us for a few days as it was my Birthday, so lots of outings and feasts!


As I delve deeper into my twenties, I keep thinking about how immature I am… I know I’ll never grow out of my sense of humour, but there is something I know I need to work on as I get older. My beauty regime.

Instead of sticking with my cheap and easy products, I am actually starting to think about what I use and make sure I’m using them properly. Here are a few of my favorite picks at the mo!


You probably know by now my skin is awful! I’ve tried out so many products recently and I think I’ve cracked it with my cleansing routine. I love the Nip’N’Fab range for making my skin brighter and more youthful, but it didn’t help too much with my breakouts. But I am loving my Garnier Micellar cleansing water!


It makes my skin feel super fresh and even removes my waterproof mascara. Boots had this giant bottle on offer for just £3! So it doesn’t exactly break the bank, especially when it lasts for so long. I have definately noticed a difference.

One thing I’m always forgetting to do however is moisterise… I think that as I have such greasy skin, I don’t need to add any extra moisture.. but it turns out that if you have dry skin, it can actually produce more grease. So I’m trying to make this a vital part of my makeup routine. This Nivea daily essentials sensitive day cream is perfect. And SPF 15, meaning a big thumbs up from Mumma!


I can’t live without my Batiste dry shampoo at the moment.  What with my bright blue hair! To keep the colour nice and vibrant, I try and avoid a hair wash for a good week.. gross I know! But to keep my locks fresh I use this tropical scented dry shampoo. It makes it so much easier to style aswell!


Now as I mentioned before I don’t tend to think too much about what makeup I’m buying, apart from how much it costs. So I decided to actually invest in something that will be good to my skin! This Vichy dermablend corrective foundation is great! It offers great coverage but doesn’t leave my skin feeling really greasy, so that’s a big winner. I’ll probably try the darker shade next time as it does make me a little pale, but for these winter months that’s not too bad! And for £18 it wasn’t toooo painful!


Considering this came in a gift set, I love the Soap and Glory ‘Thick and Fast’ mascara. With its High Definition Collagen formula, it leaves my lashes nice and full, without turning clumpy and thick. Will definately be investing in this when it runs out.


I know this is a bit of a different topic for the blog but I am on a mission to fill my makeup bag with some decent products this year and start treating my face with a little respect!

Any advise is welcome of course, so please leave a comment below!

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