Blue haired bride.

So as you may all know.. me and the boy got engaged recently.


Now, we are looking to buy our first house together by the end of this year if not early 2017. So that means wedding planning is well and truly on hold. Which is fine as being the completely indesisive couple we are, it works quite well…
However it doesn’t mean I can’t pin to my hearts content over on Pinterest and endlessly Googling wedding venues near Milton Keynes!
A girls gotta get her kicks somewhere right?!
And also I figured if I look at all of it now and get a plan of action ready, when the time comes we can just book and enjoy…

So, as my cousin got engaged on Valentine’s day, we decided we’d check out a local wedding fair. Only a small one nearby, just to get the ideas flowing and meet some local suppliers, photographers and scope out some venues.
Now I already know our big day is going to be anything but ordinary… we both know we don’t want anything over the top either, just good food, good music and good company. But we still need to book the ‘normal’ cars and a photographer.
So I was pretty surprised at the reaction I received at this fair…

I didn’t think it was so strange to go to a wedding fair with multiple “bride to be’s” but clearly it was…
One of the first tables we approached required us to sign up for discounts etc.Β  And the gentleman behind the counter stated that this was “just for the brides to do” am I not a bride…? I gave him the benefit of the doubt after flashing my ring and continued on.
But it’s safe to say this attitude didn’t disperse. Every counter we went to, as soon as they realised I was getting married too they seemed so surprised… now it could be a number of things…


I was super hungover that day… so didn’t look my best. So it might have been a surprise to most that someone even wants me to begin with… I also didn’t dress up for the occasion – opting for a pretty casual denim shirt and patterned trousers. Not jogging bottoms mind, but still not overly smart.. so this may have put the wrong idea in people’s heads, I don’t know…
And then there’s the big factor here..
I have blue hair.


Now I’m obviously not going to have blue hair when I get married… simply because I’m naturally a blondie and have been for some time.. so I would like our wedding photos, which will be displayed for years to come, to show the true ‘me’. Not ‘me going through a phase one time’.
But what about those people who have had Blue hair for years!? How would they react..?

I searched ‘blue haired bride’ on instagram earlier and found some beautiful brides with all different shades of blue hair… I don’t see anything wrong with it… and in this day and age I don’t understand the shock/disgust/confusion…

Anyway.. like I said I was really hungover so might have been me being touchy or paranoid or whatever. But I didn’t see much I liked at all…
Most of the stalls were the same… nice stuff, sure. Just no variety.


We all have different tastes so I was really dissapointed in the lack of styles and options available.
Safe to say I completely had enough and couldn’t wait to get back home to my safety net of Pinterest and Rock and Roll bride…
I’m not saying “Wedding fairs are shit…don’t bother” as my cousin got some great ideas and inspiration for her big day. I’m just saying if you aren’t going down the ‘traditional’ route and have a pretty good idea of what you both want from your day, then stick to fantastic resources available for the alternative bride.
‘Rock and Roll bride’ is a great Magazine / blog that I’ve followed for some time. And Kat is simply awesome!
‘Rock my wedding’ is also a brilliant site that I could sit for hours and drool over! I think Instagram and Pinterest are definately my friends when it comes to ideas too.
However If anybody knows of an alternative wedding fair then please let me know!


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