Well I’ll be…..

Remember when I did a thing and dyed my hair blue because I was sick of all the pressure of being a grown up…. ? Well another thing happened….


Yes! The boy asked me that all important question every girl dreams of!
I had totally given up hope, and come to the comfortable, and happy realisation that I liked us how we were and that there was no rush to get engaged. Turns out he’d been waiting for the perfect moment for a little while….how blind am I?!


So we went away to Warwick for a spa weekend – his idea! It’s his birthday and our anniversary, all in the same week, so we thought it would make a nice change to our normal routine.


We had a nice few hours relaxing in the spa, went for a lovely pub lunch in the local town. Then figured we’d walk it off around the grounds in the rain.

After trapsing about in the mud we made away across a bridge to a little wooden gazebo overlooking the lake. A beautiful setting even in the rain! We hung out with the swans for a bit, and then he starts telling me about his afternoon, the day before….
I then preceded to ugly cry as it dawned on me what was actually going on…


I thought “Take a photo Zoë, because your not going to remember this moment in all the shock!” So I took lots of photos of him, in that moment, the lake and all our swan friends in the rain and even a selfie with no makeup on and rain jacket to boot! Unfortunately my SD card has other ideas and has decided to completely break and delete everything so this has slightly tainted the experience somewhat….

The next day, Valentine’s day, after an awesome night celebrating, we poodled off to warwick castle!


This was incredible! And when we were walking around the grounds in the much nicer weather, we were greeted with loads of white feathers!

This meant so much to me, as when my Nan passed away we found peace in these little fluffy greetings. So to be surrounded by so many was the perfect sign to say the loved ones we have lost have given us their blessing. And even that night my kittys visited me in a dream!


I’m so excited for what our future holds! The wedding will be a little while off yet, as we have a house to buy! But I’m just so blessed to even be engaged to this guy…he’s an amazing person, even if he takes fucking years to pop the question!


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