Christmas is coming!

With little over a week to go until Christmas, festivities are running high!
The tree is up, cards written, presents wrapped… I know, I know, so organised right?! So proud of myself this year! Usually I’m making last minute dashes to the city centre for epic present buying…


So now that Christmas is well under way, the diets out the window..naturally.. so treats are being made like it’s going out of fashion!
Something simple to try this Christmas, are the good old chocolate crispie bites.


I made these for under Β£5 and in less that 10 minutes (minus the time in the fridge) using the following ingredients:


Coco pops – other brands are available!
Dairy milk
M&M’s – only green and red  (super festive)


First I broke down my dairy milk and melted it over some boiling water…


Then I mixed in with the coco pops – you can put as much or as little as you like in at this point.


M&M time!


Looking attractive….

I then spooned into little cases to keep some shape, and popped in the fridge for a couple of hours.


You could always use a festive mould for this part, such as Christmas Trees or Christmas puddings!


Et voila! Festive treats for everyone! As mentioned in my previous Easter nest post, you can ‘posh’ these up with some dark or more expensive chocolate!

Merry Christmas!

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