Avocado Brownies

I’ve been attempting to eat better since birth, with growing difficulty…Oreos are just so damn good! Now I know that’s not exactly new information…But no harm in giving it a go every now and again is there.


So I thought I’d give some healthy Avocado Brownies a go!


I’d managed to get my hands on some Avocados in good old Lidl – I know…I’m one of THEM! Fucking love Lidl…


I’d never handled an Avocado before, but must admit, felt pretty confident cutting and de-stoning it. #ChefZoBo


I then mashed 3 of them of them up, which was a bit awkwardΒ as I don’t have a blender, but with a little elbow grease I managed to get rid of most of the lumps.


I then melted 1 Tbsp of Coconut oil…Proper clean eating!


Then to that,I added dark chocolate – 70%. If your going full Paleo with this recipe then opt for unsweetened.



I then mixed the Avocado mush with the chocolate.


Looking real pleasant now….


I then threw in 3 eggs…


Some Honey


Some Agave Nectar. Now would be a good time to have a little taste, as I found the mix a little bitter still, but a touch more honey or agave fixes that!


Salt, Baking Soda, Vanilla Extract.


Walnuts…Totally optional of course, but brownies without nuts is just not acceptable in my belly…


Then popped the lot in the oven for 35 – 40 minutes.


Please excuse my awful pans… whilst we’re here anybody have a good tip on getting them looking good as new? Fairy’s just not cutting it!


I have to say, they smelt amazing! Like full on Brownie-fied goodness!


I left them to cool for all of 10 seconds and swooped right on in for a taste…


You know what? They tasted pretty damn good! I mean there not going to be luxuriously chocolaty leaving a pretty hefty sugar kick in their wake, BUT they did give me a sweet fix, without the guilt!


Went down pretty well.


After a few days they did start tasting a bit like guacamole…but I made enough for a small army so I would just advise to eat them whilst there pretty fresh!

Definitely give them a go if you’re trying to eat a little cleaner in the new year!


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