Summer is over..

Phew! What a summer it’s been! I can’t believe its October already…


The summer months started with Lovebox festival, a trip to Gran Canaria with friends, followed swiftly by Crafternoon / Craftchella.
11745498_10153056252163100_2554783096243164023_n  11828815_10153549556595990_2347308949342862173_n

We then threw colourful paint at eachother for the MK Holi festival and Foo Fighters followed, after a slight delay…

holi1        11822591_10203111545588448_3623691887997346570_n                                                                                                                    11813483_10153140158926909_1676129053314883117_n

Then 2 trips to Looe! One for a visit for my Pop’s Birthday in the sun. And then another just 3 weeks later for the Looe Music Festival!

Newquay Beach – This is where it started getting a bit messy…..


Happy Birthday Dad x


A spot of camping. Cant forget the inflatables. Camping necessity don’t you know?!

We went all out for the festival – of course! We stuck to the fancy dress theme all weekend. ‘Sailors and Sea creatures’ has got to be my favourite theme so far! I love anything Nautical, so sailors was right up my street! And Lostinknit is partial to the odd mermaid, so sea creatures was a win. What with Lostinknit’s red hair, it was a no brainer that she would be Ariel… so naturally I was sebastian…I had a few obstacles creating my Lobster costume, but it turned out really well for a Onesie and some felt!



Our favourite haunt in Looe! Kitchenside Bakery do the best cream tea’s in Cornwall and also pretty good cocktails!


Mad Dog Mcrea

20150919_163055   12011364_10153229894276909_4721509855346601301_n


The Red Hot Chili Pipers!


The festival itself was amazing, as per usual! The Proclaimers kicked things off on the main stage on Friday night and definitely set us up for the weekend. I was a bit disappointed we missed ‘Rosie and the Goldbugs’ as they are right up my street! I LOVED ‘Antimatador’s’ set in the sunshine – will be hunting down their Album very soon! And ‘Mad dog Mcrea’ finished the weekend off with a bang for us, in the Quayside tent! Our feet hurt, we were hot and bothered and needed a good plate of broccoli after all the junk food we had consumed, but overall had a fantastic time and already looking at tickets for next year! Let’s see what the fancy dress theme is this time…



Now I’m off to Egypt, to get a sunshine boost before our Winter really begins. So tara! See you in 10 days 😉

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