How to make giant paper flowers.

I’ve got a little DIY for you today.


A few weeks ago we hosted our Summer crafternoon and as part of the decorations, I created some giant tissue paper flower to attach to the fence. I was inspired by the sweet lulu blog and the flowers they created for their ‘Boho backyard bash’! So thought id give them a go!



I found some nice bright tissue paper in a few different stores, from Card Factory to Hobbycraft and used three A2 sheets of white card to create my stencils.

I cut out three different sizes for each petal, you can go as big or as small as you like but I think the full effect is wasted if you don’t go oversized! Go big, or go home.


Then using my stencils I cut out my tissue paper, 4 of each size. If you want a fuller flower, then you can always double up.wpid-20150727_201738.jpg

One tip I would suggest, would be to shape your petals with a longer skinnier ‘tail’. I left some of my petals a bit short so it made twisting them a little difficult.


I then moved on to the center of the flower – ‘The fuzzy bit’.

I folded up some yellow paper, accordian style.


And then cut into 3 pieces…


Using some thin floral wire, I twistedΒ it around the middle making sure to leave a length of a wire.


Then to create the fuzzy effect, I simply snipped into each end.


Then it was time to twist it all together!


I twisted all the small petals together first, taping it all together, and then added the fuzzy centre making sure the wire was left exposed. This took a lot of fiddling and twisting, but if your gentle you can manage it!



Then twist the medium sized petals around the wire, and so on!


And voila! It seemed like it could be complicated but once everything was cut out it come together pretty quickly.


I was able to knock out 4 of these in one evening!


They were such a fun addition to our Mexican themed afternoon, and received lots of lovely compliments!


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