How to make a fresh flower crown.

Phew! What a week it’s been. Started my new job this week. So I’m a proper marketing assistant now. It’s been a lot to take in, but I’m very excited for the future and loving my little office on the farm!

Aswell as the excitement of a new job, lostinknit won a competition! Β She took me with her on an adventure to Hackney, to the Flower appreciation society, where we learnt how to make floral crowns out of real fresh flowers.

It was a lovely evening to sit in a quirky workshop full creativity. There was also wine. Winning!

I imagined flower crowns to be quite difficult to make, but actually, it’s really simple.


You get yourself some floristry wire, something mallable and bendy, but strong enough to hold your flowers, as it will get heavy!


Then wrap floristry tape around the end and all around the wire so it’s completely covered. This was tricky as the tape is like crepe paper – super delicate, but really sticky. We ended up with sticky fingers at the end and they did get a little tangled in our hair…but totally worth it.


Once you’ve covered your wire in the tape it’s time to grab some flowers. Cut the stems short, but with just enough to hold it on to wire. Position your flower and start wrapping the floristry tape around the wire, pinning the flower to it as you go. You basically have to do this for each flower so it does take a little while but it’s so easy to create something truly beautiful!


I went for one layer of flowers, but you can double up as you go to create a oversized, festival style floral headpiece! Perfect for Glasto!


Be careful not to be too heavy handed with the fresh flowers, as the stems will break, or you may bruise the petals easily, ending with a pretty sad looking crown.

Once you have taped all your flowers on, simply position and then wrap the wires around your head – as if you were tying a bandana or ribbon around your head.

For a little extra something, you could wind ribbon around the wire and create a tie to complete the look!

I couldn’t recommend the workshop more! It was nice and relaxed and you don’t have to be into floristry to have a go. If I can do it…… anyone can!
I’m looking forward to our crafternoon even more – we’re going to give it another go with faux flowers and then create some feathery headdresses!

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