Anti-Aging at 23.

When does it happen?

You know. That transition between plodding along being a moody teenager, not a care in the world. To being old. When does that take place…?

Not old as in elderly. This isn’t really to do with age I guess. Seeing as I am only 23….

But more old….Used up old. Haggard old. Tired old.

Obviously life bring its stresses and some deal with them better than others. In my case I look old.

I’m talking baggy eyes, Wrinkly forehead, terrible skin and not to mention the condition of my hair!

Everything about me seems like the contrast has been turned right down!

I’ve said for a long time I still feel 15. Like a little kid pretending to be a grown up. Now all of a sudden I feel responsible, and mature and I’m not sure I like what that’s doing to my complexion….


Ewwww. Spotty and tired.

So I thought I’d give this Anti aging a bash and see if it made any difference.

A friend recommended ‘Nip & Fab’ so I thought it might be a good place to start. I’m not looking for miracle wrinkle creams as my face is still pretty much in the same place as it was 5 years ago. It just needs a little brightening up. A new filter, so to speak.

I checked out the Boots website, and lo and behold, it was on sale! It was now or never.

I started off with the ‘Glycolic Instant Fix Mask’ and the ‘Glycolic Fix Serum’ just to see if my face fell off….I have sensitive skin….


I don’t know an awful lot about Glycolic acid, but I do know it’s used in a lot of facial treatments such as chemical peels as it’s great for removing dead skin cells!

I did break out after the first 2 days, but expected after trying something new on my face, but no hideous, burning rash, Yay.

BUT after 3 days I did notice a slight dewy look. I didn’t look so tired… It was working!


Still baggy, but I feel like my skin isn’t so….dull…


Crazy Bed Hair.. But looking fresh faced!

So I committed to the rest of the Glycolic range and splurged on the cleanser, the scrub and a great big tub of cleansing lotion.



Face Mask time.

It’s still early days, but I can definitely see a difference. My bags don’t seem so prominent, I’m noticing my face is more ‘glowy’ than before. Not a huge improvement on my bad skin… but definitely less shiny throughout the day, and my pores are much smaller!

I’m hoping once my face settles into its new routine, It’ll be 100% spot free. But for now I’m loving my bag-less new look! I would definitely recommend it, if your feeling like now is the time to start the anti ageing process.

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