Our Big Day Out!

So, in case you’ve been living under a rock, Dave Grohl broke his leg, meaning the Foo Fighters concert we were heading to was cancelled.

Safe to say there was a mixture of emotions… absolutely gutted that we couldn’t go see them perform, and also angry at Mr.Grohl for leaping off a stage in Sweden. Pleb. But in all seriousness, I hope he gets better soon, so we get to see him in all his glory!

Anywho. That meant that me and the boy had a day off together. I know! Rare! So we thought we’d still head to the big city, just not Wembley.

We started our epic adventure with a lie in. Naturally. Then we hopped on a train armed with 2-4-1 vouchers ready to face ‘Madame Tussaudes’ and The London Dungeons like proper tourists!


My opinion of tussaudes = Meh.


It was interesting for a bit, and got some nice snaps of the wax works when the general public weren’t rubbing up against them. But I wasn’t too bothered about posing myself, so we got round pretty quickly, considering we queued for a lifetime.






No matter how many times I go to London, I will never master the tubes! So we messed up a few times – BUT it wouldn’t be a day trip without getting lost eh?!


After Tussaudes we thought we’d check out the dungeons, which I thought was a much better trip (and better price! ) eeeeeven if half of it was in the dark…I still enjoyed the performers and their characters as we went round.

Then to top the day off, we headed to The Lyceum Theatre in Covent Garden to see The Lion King, in all its glory. We’d heard so many good reviews from friends and family so had to check it out seeing as Wembley was off the cards.


Oh. My. God.

Absolutely brilliant! I cannot recommend it enough. Best show I’ve ever seen by far. The costumes where stunning Β – so much detail. Some of them were so realistic, you almost forgot there was actual people operating them! And the singing! So much talent on that stage. I was quite surprised at the size of the theatre, for such a huge show. It was quite titchy. But once the show began, you just get sucked in… not gonna lie…nearly shed a tear at THAT scene…but it’s only natural…

Bravo, chaps. Bravo.

Summary :

Definitely a country bumpkin and hating on tubes, trains and any sort of unnecessary rushing.


Also don’t eat such a big lunch, and DON’T just Β pick the nearest wetherspoons. Need to actually try some of these great restaurants in the big city, but not today unfortunately… that burger was good though…


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