Secret Ginger.

11425175_10152981202627108_3399835732046887000_nI’m back! Finally recovered from our week away in Gran Canaria with our lovely friends, and had a great time.

Went on a boat – got sick.


Went to Puerto Rico – got sick…Well….drunk….

We relaxed by the pool, relaxed by the sea, relaxed in our room. It was lush.


Decided I can take on the sun single handedly and fried a shoulder… I now look nice and crispy! Turns out I’m secretly a ginger with uber fair skin that burns at the sight a cloud.

Wore ALL my clothes including that lovely blue sundress from the previous post on that boat I mentioned….Got taken out by a wave.

Now we are back on dry land, I’ve decided to get the sniffles! Fun times…BUT the weather is a nice mix of sunshine and downpours so I cant complain.

I now have lots to look forward to for the rest of the summer. Including Foo Fighters this Friday, although Mr.Grohl has broken his leg so that’ll be a bit calmer that what I imagined. We also have another Crafternoon coming up! This time its Festival themed – We’re hoping to make some floral crowns in the sunshine πŸ™‚ You can have a look at our pinterest board to see where our inspiration comes from if you like that sort of thing.

I’m hoping to head back down to Cornwall and check out my parents new gaff and pop along to that old Music Festival I’ve come accustomed to. The Boy and IΒ are also desperately trying to go to LDN for a day and be tourists – check out those dungeons and see The Lion King show in Lyceum Theatre. We’ve heard such great things we cant miss it like we did ‘We will rock you’! Although we got a lovely rendition from the animation team at Lago Taurito….


Onwards and Upwards. x

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