High Street Holiday Haul!

So as you may or may not know…I’m going on Holiday! Wooooo!!

Off to Gran Canaria next week to get some sunshine and cocktails with the Boy and some chums. As mentioned in a previous post, been trying to get my bikini bod on top form, and just haven’t had any luck… I may be down a few pounds but still looking curvyliscious and definitely NOT beach ready….Before you all bitch and moan about that phrase. Chill out. Its just a fucking phrase. I look at curvy women looking hot in their bikinis all the time, and I never think they don’t belong on the beach. I on the other hand, don’t seem to have what they have masses of… Confidence.

So I’m embracing my arse and saggy belly this summer, begrudgingly, and would like to share with you my high street finds to flatter my curves.


Think I have developed a colour scheme…

All winter I’ve been hunting for holiday clothes in preparation for hitting some beaches – I’ve seen lots of beautiful prints in the likes of River Island, New look, Dorothy Perkins and even Primark. But when actually trying things on, they just don’t cut it….Either being the worst fit in the world, way too short or just plain frumpy.

So I ended up mooching in Matalan and thought I’d try some bits on and get excited for the sunshine, and by Jove I actually found some perfect garms! I fell in love with this Blue Floral printed Skater dress and Tassle Bag combo right there on the spot!


I also loved the simple jersey cover up style dresses that much I got one in white and one in this Beautiful orangey coral colour. Perfect for the beach but also dressing up for the evening too – gotta keep that 15kg to a minimum people!


Then when doing my food shop I had a little browse amongst the F&F, and LOVED all of their summer range! I went back for a trying on sesh, and was devo when their paisley jumpsuit and palazzo pants didn’t suit me….:( BUT found luck with this stunning kimono style cover up, which is uber soft!


I also found a shirt… I mean come on… its a shirt! Love shirts….



Also, again, as mentioned in the previous post, I’ve been on a mission to find a nice bikini in my size. I thought I’d give ‘Forever 21’ a go, with no luck. After wasting my time ordering a refunding various swimsuits, I traipsed back into Bravissimo with my tail between my legs… Should never have turned my back on them. OBVIOUSLY had luck! Fell in love with their ‘Lille‘ bikini, because, Polka dots. And I grabbed a similar style called ‘Cote D’Azur‘ and they both fit perfectly!

For once, I’m actually happy with my holiday buys and don’t intend to do any last minute mad dashes to the shopping centre the day we fly….Maybe….

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