Decorating 101.


So we’ve lived in the flat for over 18 months now and we still haven’t made it our own yet. I’ve been adding things to the living room and so far that’s the only room we are remotely happy with. Its warm, inviting and everyone always compliments our gorgeous couch… #PrideAndJoy

But the rest of it just makes me miserable. The bathroom just always looks dirty from the damp no matter how much I bleach it. Same goes for the bedrooms. They also feel so stark and empty. Not a nice place to hang out at all.

So we finally decided to try and paint.

We thought about going to the cinema… or going for dinner, but instead we chose to use our night off together to paint our manky bathroom!

We needed some supplies, so we thought about good old wilkos but sadly they were shut 😦 Damn you wilkos! So instead headed off to B&M. Surprisingly B&M actually stock crown paint! So we grabbed some ‘Mould guard’ Kitchen and bathroom paint in a nice pale ice blue, rollers, trays, dust sheets and some ceiling paint.


We then ate. Because you simply cant DIY on an empty stomach….

I then started wiping down the dust and mank off the walls and cleared out all our junk from our teensy weensy bathroom. The boy was itching to grab the paintbrush but I insisted that prep is everything!

And it really is guys! If my dad has taught me one thing over time, its that preparation is the key – especially when it comes to decorating. Make sure you’ve got all your tools at the ready, music on and start masking! Id already painted the skirting and doors a few weeks before as they look grim. So we taped…. And we taped… and we taped some more.


We genuinely thought, “shall we leave it for the night…?” But we powered through and started painting the ceiling.

Then the ceiling fell down.

Where all the damp and mould had got to the plaster it was just crumbling down around us. So we had to ditch the fancy new ceiling roller and opt for a gentle approach with a paintbrush.

It was patchy. It was slightly flaky. BUT. It was white. no more mould and no more yellowing white peering through. It was fresh!

I went to work the next day, with the intentions of having a solo painting party whilst the boy went to work that evening. But he got the decorators itch and had to get started. He got roller fear after the ceiling debacle and picked up the trusty paintbrush – Safe to say it was patchy when I came home, but it was a good base coat eh…


Word of advise. Unless you have the patience of a saint. Don’t bother. Hire a professional and just wait for the big reveal!
This was uber stressful! What with the actual painting itself, trying to keep the back spray to a minimum and not being able to reach bits I wanted to reach with a paintbrush, my blood pressure was through the roof I’m sure.


BUT. The finished product doesn’t half look good! Its fresh, clean and no mould in site! I’m thinking about changing the shower curtain and towels now as the pale ice blue has transformed into a very bright aqua! But I still love it all the same.


So any newbie home owners, don’t do it to yourself! Just get a pro or be prepared to hate life and crown paint with a passion.

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