Cornish lads.

20150415_112529Finally! We went on our annual trip to visit my parents, in Looe and it was probably the best one yet!

We actually got some sunshine. We drove down on the Tuesday evening to make sure we got a good day on Wednesday and I’m so glad we did. It was absolutely roasting! Got a tad sunburnt on the beach too!


Normally our visits to Cornwall mean sleeping in late, eating crap, drinking cider and dossing about not really doing a lot.


This time it was different!

We walked EVERYWHERE! I mean, its hilly but normally we just commit to the dreaded ‘Barbican hill’ from town to get home and that’s that. We ended up going on a 5 mile hike to Polperro from Looe, and it was fantastic!


The start of our Hike to Polperro from Looe – A view of Looe Island







Pitstop at Talland Bay. If your ever in the area – you HAVE to visit this beach cafe. Stunning.




I walked up that, I did.



We made it to Polperro!




This building is covered in shells. So beautiful.



The sun was shining, and the views were breathtaking. Safe to say when we arrived in Polperro I could have ran to the nearest pub! That icy cold cider was heaven.





We also took our bikes with us, and we planned to take them out on a nice ride with my parents. We had nothing planned on the Friday and both my parents were working, so we decided to venture out on our own and see what was going on in Cornwall.


So we all know Cornwall is pretty hilly… So this meant a little drive out, away from Looe to find a cycle trail. The nearest and newest one being Lanhydrock. It is an absolutely stunning national trust park with a selection of cycle trails. So if, like me, your new to this game, then you can take it fairly easy and ride around the trees. Or you can step it up a notch and hit a few jumps or go even more hardcore and basically become Tony Hawk…

So we took it easy, although I struggled to even start the easy trail as it was pretty hilly… darn Cornwall… It was going well. Then it ended…(So i thought…) So I got a little cocky and thought we’d try the next level. Big mistake. I lead the way, and took off like a rocket going over jumps like a pro, getting attacked by Pheasants…Who knew they hung out under leaves? Then…

The Boys bike fell apart.

It was HILARIOUS! His bike is old and a tad rusty, so we had a bit of trouble getting the wheels and brakes back on after taking it all apart to fit them in the car. With a little patience and swearing from The boy, we got them on the road. But halfway round ‘Walters Trail’  his front brake fell off.

So I pissed myself laughing and then nearly fell down the embankment. It was all very dramatic.

We eventually found most of the brakes that where scattered along the trail and made our way back to the carpark. All in all –  a successful day out!

The next day we went on another adventure! To Padstow. After a very long drive, we made it to Padstow, parked up and cycled to Wadebridge, using the camel trail. It was awful.

I’m sure if your good at this riding milarky, it would have been great, but I hated every second. Well almost.

I cant get the hang of my gears, so it felt like I was peddling and peddling, but getting nowhere. Plus the sun decided he was gonna show his face after we had wrapped up warm, so I was sweating like a gooden. Genuinely thought I was gonna die.

Anyway we made it to Wadebridge for a nice cookie and then had to race back to beat the parking ticket.

Once again absolutely glorious views of Camel river, but I was too busy dying to take many photos.


Camel River.


But you know what. Once I did it, I. FELT. AMAZING. I was so proud of my sore bum, and my sweaty pits. I had actually done it. I moaned all the way. But it was great! A definite recommendation!

Our short trip ended with breakfast on the beach and a fat roast dinner to send us on our way.

Back to reality.

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