Getting trendy for summer


Here’s hoping…


So we’re going on holibobs in June, and after trying and failing miserably, to shift 5 stone in time, I’ve decided to embrace the flab!

I’m still hitting the gym hard, and getting back on the slimming world hype, in a last ditch attempt of losing a bit of my gut, but in the meantime my holiday wardrobe is going to be curve friendly.

Sadly this means no cute, cut off hot pants, with funky crop tops. Just no crop tops really…. the high street is full of them! I don’t mind showing some skin with a high waisted skirt or shorts, but unfortunately my ginormous boobies, mean crop tops can turn into a snood in a matter of seconds.

So I’ve been trawling Pinterest of course, for some inspiration on what’s stylish and comfortable in the blistering heat, when your a little chunky…

I’m loving the simple summer dress with a denim jacket combo, for wearing out and about or in the evenings. It seems statement jewellery isn’t a dying trend, so Ill have to get my mits on some nice colourful pieces to jazz up a simple outfit.ff37fb77ac5ed56e08d95c64b652efa8


Created by ‘alexawebb’ on Polyvore


Another look I’m loving is shirts! I love a good shirt, me… If only the buttons did up.. But the loose fit, kaftan/shirt hybrid is a stylish look for the beach, teamed with any shorts and giant sunnies – thinking this will be my go to outfit this summer.e6e0ca0e3ec41dc2dbf374cf50c5135a


Forever 21 outfit found on ‘The Tres Chic’


I’m definitely going to be trying out the high waisted bikini this year! I got talked out of it last summer, and deeply regret it. I ALWAYS, without fail, burn my belly. Always on that little bit that sticks out no matter how many crunches you do. The sun just zones in… So this year, ill be covering that flabby little sod, and I will NOT be burnt! To go with my high waisted pants, a lovely 50’s style, halterneck bikini is always flattering for my big bangers, so I better get hunting before the other big booby girls get their mits on them!47c6f27c49cad1a7af519d91ef881156

Found on Buzzfeed


Found on The Fashion Spot


Found on Buzzfeed

Question: Does anyone have any cheap suitcase recommendations? Not as in ‘cheap and cheerful’ more ‘affordable but will last a couple of holidays without breaking’. So far Matalan have been the best suggestion from folks but wanted to know some more thoughts. Don’t think mine is going to last this holiday….

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