Getting Fit….Apparently…

So as the whole world knows, I’ve been trying to shift the weight for…. well…ever…

Its just not really happening unfortunately. I’m too weak… I give in to the biscuit tin too easily.

Well its hardly difficult to get hold of goodies when they keep getting given to me! Got so many cakes on my birthday! AND chocolate. AND booze! Naughty, naughty, oh so lovely people!



So one of my presents that I asked for from the boy, was….A BIKE!


Now its not overly exciting – could have asked for clothes, or a nice designer handbag or even a pony. But I thought it would be fun, and id HAVE to use it so he wouldn’t get mad.

I’ve not got on a bike since I was about 12… so this was a very frightening experience. I demanded a helmet and elbow pads. I got the helmet… He wouldn’t let me go for the pads… Hey – ‘Safety first’ and all that!

He unveiled my shiny new wheels just as the sun was going down so I could only look at it and rock around in my helmet that night…


But two days later, we had the day off together, the sun was shining so we peddled on down to the local lakes.



It. Was. Amazing.


I felt so young and free for just a moment! Glorious. Looked like a proper knobΒ in my snazzy helmet, but at least I was safe!

That lasted all of five minutes, when I come face to face with…..A HILL! I just cant get the hang of gears so have to get off the bike to push it up hill… Yeah.. That is the level of my fitness/brain power…You’d have no Idea I can drive a car…


We rodeΒ around, enjoyed some much needed sunshine, and I was amazed at what was right on our doorstep! Milton Keynes does have some pretty spots but there always a nice little surprise.




Hopefully Ill be able to hop on the saddle again this weekend and fight the flab outside instead of crying at the gym.

20150320_130645 (1)


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