Snood for good – My first knitting project.

Well, proud isn’t even the half of it. I’m so chuffed with myself it’s unreal. You would never know I actually went to college and studied textiles and fashion…
I’ve done a bit of knitting here and there but never been able to complete a project due to the lack of ‘casting off’ knowledge. I have been known to stick knitting samples in my sketchbook, still on the needles…
So when my good friend lostinknit hosted a ‘knit a snood’ workshop for bettaknit, I couldn’t say no!
We went to ‘beans’ in olney, which is a lovely cafΓ© situated in the high street. We managed to bag a quiet little corner, away from the hustle and bustle of the shoppers and they even put on a great deal for us on tea and cake! BONUS!


Lostinknit handed out our snood kits, which included some needles, instructions, and the nicest wool ive ever felt! So soft and fluffy!


With a little bumpy start we got going and that was it… I was in the zone. Powering through as if my life depended on it!


I got to the end of my yarn that night and had to down needles… it wasn’t long enough for me, as I like to double wrap my snoods and payday was long away… the darkness drew in… and my knitting was discarded….
FINALLY payday arrived! And I ordered an extra ball which arrived from sunny Italy within a matter of days! I dusted off those needles and got right back on it. I noticed the latest packaging I had recieved had a graphic printed on the front saying ‘Yarn is cheaper than therapy’ and you know what… so true! After a black cloud had followed me around at the weekend, my knitting really helped fight the negative feelings. As lame as that sounds… I could just focus on my snood and forget everything.


Then drama struck once again! I’d lost my instructions!  After a panic, YouTube came to the rescue and I finished the job! I’ve never been more proud of myself, my first finished snood. That I can actually wear with pride.



I’m looking forward to the next workshop and the next ‘therapy’ session! Thank you lostinknit and bettaknit! 

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