Merry Christmas!! Oh wait….


I know, I know, Christmas was fricking years ago! But this was my first Christmas, being a proper hostess (Of which I failed miserably…) and I needed to share! As we all know now, I suck at life… Ive completely neglected everything, my home, my body and this Blog.


So I started planning Christmas in like September, gathering some presents and getting ideas, trawling through Pinterest at the early hours… But I couldn’t tell you about my big project as it was Hampers for my Grandparents and Mumma and Pappa. So couldn’t go spoiling the surprise could I?! Then I was Ill all over Christmas and New year and then I just stopped thinking about the Blog all together. For that I am sorry…


ANY-waaaaaay! I have some photos of my Christmas and what I did, for which I am so proud of myself. Being a bit of a naff excuse for an adult does mean small achievements like this are a big deal for me. Like…I cooked a Christmas dinner…. WITH VERY LITTLE HELP I MAY ADD! Ok, so not totally by myself, but almost! I was ill guys…


First. The Hampers! So I wanted to do the traditional picnic basket style filled with lots of booze and goodies. But this simply would have cost about ££££ for each one… So hence why I started hoarding early to make the costs a little painless. I managed to source some wicker baskets in a bargain store in my local high-street for about £2 each! So even though they were a bit cheap and wonky… they were the perfect size and I figured no one would really keep that part… The gift was what’s inside.

I collected up food bits, like chutneys, jams, crackers, biscuits, hot chocolate, posh tea bags, coffee, chocolates and some Gluten Free snacks for my Grandad, over a course of about 2 months.  I also managed to bag a few miniatures for a couple of quid as an extra touch! I found some lovely tea towels on Urban Outfitters that I really struggled to part with! I also popped in things like candles, hand warmers or a Novelty glass.

To finish the look I got some Clear wrap from Hobbycraft and folded this around the basket with some festive flowers to decorate. I think I needed a wider Wrap as it didn’t quite reach at the sides so ended up doubling up… Looked a little sloppy for my liking…

This year I’m pretty sure I’m gonna do them again, but these time with a theme… Like I found loads of Ideas on Pinterest for Gardening themed ones, Movie Night, Pamper night or a food lovers hamper.. So I better get collecting!

The Second part of Christmas was the dinner! I was cooking for myself, the boy, my parents and my uncle. So definitely had a task on my hands. Our little flat isnt too small, but a little awkward for large tables so we had to improvise with some camping equipment! Thankfully Mumma bought her table cover from home and I just needed to dress it. I went for a red and gold theme, with a simple red table runner, some nice tacky table confetti left over from Christmas Crafternoon, and some Cheap Gold Chargers to jazz up my plain white crockery! Another bargain find from the highstreet!



I felt like death but I still managed to prep and cook the dinner, with a little help from pops and Mumma whilst I ran in and out of the kitchen sneezing/washing my hands. We had a very big Turkey Crown who we named ” AND a delish Gammon joint cooked in Coke and redcurrant jam *drools*. With Roast potatoes, parsnips, broccoli, carrots, Yorkshire puddings, and attempt at stuffing (we wont go there) and some Brussels teamed with bacon and fresh cranberries… interesting… Maybe id make a cranberry sauce next time…



Sadly once the dinner was cooked and dished I couldn’t really face it.. This made me sad. Being a massive foodie Christmas dinner is a big deal. The one meal not filled with regret… But I just wanted to nap..and cry…


Oh well… Maybe next year.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!! Oh wait….

  1. Angela butler says:

    Zoë you did a brilliant job – you should be very proud of yourself x it was just a shame you had been so ill and couldn’t enjoy it like we did xx just aim for a stress free time this year 😄🍷 xx lots of love mum and also dad xx ps I’m still considering using the hamper basket as a summer planter 🌻🌸


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