Totally neglected my life….

So I haven’t been on the blog for weeks…. Okay, Okay, Months even….be1ad0f28dde0b9b483afee4901de65b

Works sort of taken over my brain since Christmas. Trying to come up with unique content over 5 or 6 different platforms on a daily basis is so hard… And time consuming! So when I get home I’m totally fried… And trying to keep my gym motivation has been pretty tiring too!

So how was everyone’s Christmas?! Seems like an age ago… Mine was pretty crappy… I had my parents up to visit, which was fantastic, but I typically caught the dreaded bug from my charming work colleagues! So Christmas saw me coughing and spluttering and feeling ridiculously gross. I bought so much alcohol for the festive period and didn’t touch a drop… I STILL have some Sloe gin and Baileys floating around…

It did however give me some inspiration for this years Christmas.

I had the perfect opportunity to peruse Pinterest whilst off sick, and even started buying decorations and wrapping paper before the year was up!

Since then, its been pretty dismal…. cold weather, teamed with a boy who works horrid shifts, makes for lonely Zoe… watching re runs of ‘Geordie shore’ and eating Toasties in my PJs….

So I need some motivation… The Mojo has left long ago leaving an empty shell of a woman, trying to get in the mood for a Party on a Thursday morning….

Any tips on recovering from this slump?


So far ‘The Alison Show’ has told me to buy stuff, treat myself….So I went to Hobbycraft and got some supplies. This week I’m focusing on Easter at work, so been baking and creating (Posts to follow). Sort of helping but still need a major kick up the butt…

Any advise?

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