Do not be afraid.


Fear is a funny concept isn’t it?

Our bodies behaving strangely when danger is imminent.

Or when we are stretched to the very edges of our comfort zone.

I struggle with fear a lot… Anxiety gets the better of me as soon as something isn’t the norm.

The common fears I face could be flying, heights, birds and people in full costume.

But then there are strange little niggles like speaking to people on the phone, going to strange places, doing something new, and even changes of plan set my anxieties right off.

Sweaty palms.

Racing heart.

Getting super hot.



Being sick.

I get this A LOT.

With my new job role I’m finding myself facing a fear on the regular now. Speaking to potential clients for the business on the phone. Making decisions, that I don’t have the authority to make. Sitting with these strange new faces at lunch. All of these things get the better of me.

But I do them.

It’s a new thing I’m trying. Called ‘taking the plunge’.

I’ve really grown over the past few years. Learnt that life is too short to dither about whether or not I want to do something. I’m learning to just say ‘Okay.’ Give things a go and just dive right in.

Whether or not this is the best solution to my fears, I don’t know.

But at least I’m moving.

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