Flavoursome Flavourly Goodies!


This week I received a very exciting package indeed! My Flavourly subscription arrived! If you haven’t heard about Flavourly yet you need to get a wriggle on. I was lucky enough to fall upon a Groupon voucher for my first subscription, so signed up straight away. Within a few days a beautifully packed parcel turned up filled to the brim with lots of goodies and foody loveliness!



Sadly it turned up on the day I had my wisdom tooth out so couldn’t dive straight in, so I started small with the ‘drink me chai’ spiced Chai latte. I’ve never had a spiced chai latte – served many during my previous barista stint, but never thought to give them a go. Boy, I have been missing out! It was delicious.

20141006_19065220141006_205926  20141006_210201

Next up was the ‘Nairns‘ Muesli breaks oatcakes. I loved the packaging! They were a tad dry at first, but once teamed with a nice brew they were scrummy. Perfect for my elevenses!


The Granola was awesome! I wasn’t on the go at the time… just chilling at home in my onesie tbh… BUT if I was they would have been great! Just a bit of water and they transform into this creamy sweet goodness.20141006_190636

The corn was…interesting…a bit bland. Maybe a nice chilli and lime would work better.  20141006_190713


Next up is ‘Nairns‘ again, this time with some ‘snackers’! They are delicious! I much prefered these to the oatcakes. Lovely  flavouring and ideal for my little packed lunch.


I wasnt overly amazed with the ‘Snapz‘. Just dry, really hard raisins… I dont like raisins….


These ‘Farmfields Farm Crisps‘ aren’t unfamiliar with me. I have been quite a fan of their sweet potato crisps for some time now. Very happy to find these in my little treasure trove of snack heaven!


20141006_190942 20141006_191010 20141006_191028 20141006_191037 20141006_19104820141006_19062120141006_190739

I’m yet to try everything – I’m working on it! The Firecracker chicken kit looks awesome! And I’ll be tucking into the coconut chips later on…

All in all I’m dead impressed with this little box of treats, I cant wait for the next one!

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