Things to remember when moving in with someone.

I live with a boy. Yeah he can be quite ‘boy-ey’ sometimes but all in all he isn’t that bad – Keeps the seat down, is faaaaairly tidy, does the washing up – that sort of thing.


But there’s a few tips I’d like to give you all, on what not to forget when you live with someone – ESPECIALLY if that person is your other half/would like them to be.

Tip 1 :

Don’t forget this person hasnt seen you looking as bad as bad can get. Think Hangover days, time of the month, sick days and times that by a billion. Yeah, that. They havnt seen that…


Tip 2 :

They have never witnessed the aftermath of an episode of ‘Grey’s anatomy’ or ‘Marley and me’, ‘one born every minute’ etc etc. That much crying isn’t normal to other people. So just hold back the tears/wails or watch these things when there out.

Tip 3 :

Bra’s. Vital contraption. Especially when your blessed with great big kahoonas that take A LOT of some restraining. Now it may be the best feeling in the world, when you get home, after a long day, and whip it off from under your top before you’ve even hung the key on the hook. But remember that this also, is unattractive. Don’t get too comfortable and let them swing freely at any given moment as I’m 100% certain that it puts people off their food.

images (1)

Tip 4 :

People that co inhabit with you do not frequently like the same food as you. Learn to compromise on your dining habits. This means that you cannot have a curry a night for two weeks solid. Also Stir frys may be quick and easy but get BLOODY BORING after six days. You may be happy to live like this but normal people aren’t! And don’t try sneaking finely chopped peppers and sweetcorn into meals, in the efforts they wont taste them…They will. And it wont go down well..


Tip 5 :

You’re going to have to share. Especially when living with a boy. They don’t think to buy things like Shampoo, Moisturiser and body wash. So these things WILL end up being taken. And don’t punish them by buying blonde shampoo in the hope that this will bleach their brown locks.. That’s just not fair. So play nice and let them have a bit every once in a while

Tip 6 :

They are going to do things that you wouldn’t normally do. Chill. LUCKILY, as I said before he is pretty clean so its not too stressful. But I get funny about cleaning, and whether its done ‘right’. Using certain cloths for washing dishes, wiping sides, wiping floors, how to lay things out on the drying rack after drying up etc etc etc… If its not done how you like it – chill the eff out. Your not going to drop down dead because the knives are the wrong way in the drainer. Let them do it and then if it really bothers you, go do it again after they’ve left the vicinity.


So far we are doing pretty well all things considering… Feel free to comment and add your own tips. Would love to become the perfect person to live with.

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