24 hours to go!

So excited! Heading off back down to Looe-land in Cornwall to visit the rents and join them at the Looe Music Festival for the weekend!

Me and Lost in Knit are travelling the 5 hour drive for a fun-filled weekend of cider, sea air and good tunes. Including FRANK TURNER! AAHH! Cant wait.

This years theme is Celtic Cowboys… Not really into the celtic thing so going all out cowboy! Got my hats and checkered shirts at the ready.
Last year was brilliant – Glam rock pirates which we took v.seriously on the Sunday. Check out some pictures…

20130928_143516  20130928_184109 20130928_184124 20130928_184515 20130928_184518 20130928_190833 20130928_193302 20130928_193600 20130928_193608 20130928_211330 20130928_215244 20130929_123419 20130929_123737 20130929_155345 20130929_155433 20130929_155438    20130929_160533 20130929_163404  20130929_173155  20130929_184959 20130929_204051 20130929_204819 20130929_215238 20130929_215242

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