Time for a change.

As you may have seen – I have changed the site title and tagline for my blog.

Recently a fellow blogger asked me what my blog was about, my answer being ‘everything’. She said to think about a theme in my posts, and to look at who I’m actually reaching out to. I cant just ramble on about nothing and hope someone’s reading. Its not going to get me very far.

So I have had a think about what I’m really into. Again my answer being ‘everything’ (Just look at my last post about job roles – this will tell you a lot about me and my indecisiveness…)Anyway, I have compiled a list:

I like – Textiles/Food/Music/Films/Craft/Home/Interiors/Cats/Parties.

The list is pretty endless tbh.

So Β I have tried to look at what I’m posting about – my lifestyle, my home and creating things for my home – be it food or pretty stuffs. Therefore I have – FINALLY – settled on a theme for this blog.

‘How to be a grown up’ looks at how to look after your home, cook food, make things and basically keep your ‘home’ functioning, when your not necessarily a ‘grown up’ – like moi.

So please check back for some help if needed, or just for a laugh – I’ve got some great stories from my first year as a home maker.. promise.

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