Big Dreams

I’ve always struggled to come to a final decision as to what I want to be when I grow up. Now I’m here, I feel a major pressure to decide…9e5aa7c3f43b0b1e82c0febf62950958

When I had some skills training last year, I met this wonderful woman who really helped me realise that you have one life and to make the most of it. Dont choose one career (If you don’t want to that is.) But to experience all you can, make as many memories as possible and learn skills in all areas. She had been a teacher, air hostess, midwife, artist, photographer and she owned a small boutique for some time.

This was great for about five minutes. Then I still couldn’t decide what to do with myself!

I wanted to work in IT when doing my GCSE’s – design websites and make some serious dolla! Then a last minute breakdown made me choose Textiles at college. I wanted to design underwear – then upon realising that’s bloody complicated settled on pattern and surface design! After a failed attempt at Uni and realising I’m just not made up for sitting in a classroom,Β I just gave up and worked. Thinking ‘I’m good at retail’… stick with that.

Then retail broke me.

I looked into going back to Uni – this time to be a Midwife.. Then realised that it isnt all about delivering happy healthy babies.. Same sort of situation when it came to wanting to be an RSPCA inspector – I’m a bit soft so not sure id cope very well emotionally.newborn-baby-crying-pain-200

A dream of mine would beto open a shop/cafe where I could serve cream tea’s and cupcakes (I wanted to be a baker too!) People could craft and also purchase a small selection of supplies and also have access to the internet. But I need a hell of a lot of money…One day…One day.

At the moment I’m back in the IT area but this timeΒ focussing onΒ Social media, SEO, Copywriting and a bit of photography. And its going well. Learning lots and feeling excited for once. I can actually see a future.

But will my mind change AGAIN?!c5b63195e858235c397a662d75ac0b1e


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