Camping fun!

Hi all! Still recovering from a busy weekend with Family, but wanted to share some pictures of our fun day/night at Emberton Country Park near Olney, Milton Keynes. It wasnt the best weather – but stayed dry so cant really complain. Nice and hot the next day whilst nursing a bit of a hangover and packing down a huge tent wasn’t so fun… Emberton Park has plenty for kiddies to do – an awesome park which became v. popular with us adults too! A big tree to climb and plenty to see on the walk around.


20140830_133001 20140830_133022     20140830_132945 20140830_133034

We had a bit of a theme as it was my Dads Birthday so I picked up some Cowboy bits from Partyrama. Way too much food – of course and plenty of drinkypoos 😉20140830_133043 20140830_142101 20140831_08293520140831_102838 20140831_102739 20140831_10284220140831_102851

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