I’ve been making…

As our Crafternoon is fast approaching, I’ve been getting creative over the past few days. Thursday evening saw me make a tissue paper garland – ready for our afternoon of craft this weekend!

I started with some tissue paper.

I then folded twice and started shredding... Unfolded once then twist..pompoms!twist to make a loop ready for threading..Finished product - just need to arrange nicely..

Saturday night consisted of me making an epic fail of a SW curry… and then a Banoffee pie, which was much more successful!

Banoffee Pieee

Then my Sunday afternoon was creating these gift bags. I cut up some paper and card I have hoarded collected over the years, then glued them down onto brown paper bags. I was hoping to stitch them but time is not on my side, plus it would have just been a disaster…

Some more creativity Gift bags

So clearly I’m living the dream right now…#weekend #wasted #nonotthatkindofwasted..








I have also been prepping the spare room for Mumma and Pappa’s arrival at the end of the month. So here are a few treats I purchased in the sales! 

New cushions!In love!Pretty Accents

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