Crafternoon is round the corner!

Me and my good friend Lost In Knit are planning to host a ‘Crafternoon’ in August and we’re dead excited! We are hoping that a few friends will join us on a cake – filled Saturday to create some unique pieces and learn something new from the Pro (That being Miss Platt.. Im more of a dreamer..) That and sip some wine and eat some lovely treats from the Running Baker!Nautical Knots

We are prepping this week and planning what we should get our guests to make…We’ve been looking on good ol’ Pinterest of course, and have seen lots of ideas, main ones being jewellery, friendship bracelets and head wear. Of course Lost in Knit is hot on Boho-Festival-Chic and that is bang on trend for the summer, So everyone can go home ready for a ‘coachella’ style event!

Boho Headpiece                          Floral Headpiece Knitted Bangles 

I’m really looking forward to seeing Emily in her element – surrounded by wool. I have never seen her getting creative, only heard/read about her work, and seen a few of her creations that she has worn in the past. So it will be great to get some lessons on crochet and maybe how to properly cast on/off as I never was a great knitter…

She’s got amazing talent and I urge you to check out her Blog and follow what she gets up to next, even if your not into Knitwear, she’s sure going somewhere!Textile Bracelet

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