The worlds most boring holiday… Perfect!

Feeling v.v.v.v. chilled out right now – just what I need! Have literally done sod all, apart from lay on the beach, bob in the sea, lay by the pool and do a fab impression of a lilo. Pure bliss.

I dont mind admitting that were being boring cause its definately needed.
We havnt been on a summer holiday for two years and so much has happened we definately needed the break. New jobs, new house, new life -it takes its tole. And im not proud to admit im looking like Im hitting mid forties than mid twenties… swear I have wrinkles.. and definately grey hairs!!

Our boring-ness wont last though, ill give us till sunday and we’ll be out there exploring the island and hiring jet ski’s! (Maybe not jet ski’s… a pedalo is more my size…)

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