Holiday time!

Aaaaah its here! We’re finally jetting off to Rhodes, Greece for 10 days in the summer sun!
I’ve had my hair done, ive been prepping my nails so they look all long and healthy, and collecting some wardrobe essentials along the way.


Just a ‘few’ bits from our shopping trip today… the much needed sun hat, sun cream, clothes and of course a word search book! Hell yeah! I know how to live it up…


Love love LOVE my new bag! It has tassles! My ultimate find in the Accessorize sale!


Ive wanted some birkenstocks for ages but ther pretty ‘spensive for the amount ill wear them! So found these beauties in good ol’ Asda! (Love supermarket clothes/accessories!)


My summer must have!! Love going in the sea and that teamed with the hot sun is going to fry my hair! So Aussie has come to my aid once again with a leave in conditioning spray.


So taraa MK ill see ya’ll in ten days! Stay beautiful!

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