What a Weekend!

     Howdy all!

A bit late on the update… But have been suffering with a two day hangover so it had to wait!

Phew! What a weekend! Such a jampacked summer solstice – a great way to start my summer, that’s for sure.

On Saturday I woke up with the boy at 5.45AM! (He was working early, so thought id make the most of it!) Cleaned the flat and showered before 7… Such a sad life. Buuut got all my food shopping done AND primed a mirror before 10!


So all in all pretty productive. Then the fun started – I went to the waterside festival in Great Linford in good old MK. There was Music, hog roasts, stalls, cheerleaders and lots of fun stuff for the kids to do. So I went along with my Auntie & Uncle and their kids to enjoy the sunshine.

20140621_123324 20140621_124629 20140621_131324 20140621_134217 20140621_134324 20140621_145224

20140621_122057 20140621_125201   

Sadly I didn’t catch any sun… hate my skin sometimes. I wanted to add some colour to my legs before Kings of LEON! Aaaah.

That was the big one.

20140622_131307 20140622_140153_1

We walked to MK bowl and sat and had a drink with the bugs, then we trailed along with 50,000 people to go watch an amazing set by Twin Atlantic, Haim, and of course Kings of Leon! I definitely caught the sun there! Sorry for all the pictures, I got a bit snap happy!!

20140622_122549  20140622_161236 20140622_181608 20140622_195704 20140622_211004 20140622_211010 20140622_211455 20140622_211034 20140622_211457 20140622_215929 20140622_220248(1) 20140622_215930


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