My week of hell!


Im still alive! Just! Last week saw me attempting a ridiculous diet to try and lose a stone in a week. Im not 100% on the figures but looking at myself I doubt a stone has shifted…

I did well on day 1, 2 & 3 then day 4 came and I was bored… Just plain bored. My dinner was meant to be 2 boiled eggs and a salad. Instead I opted for Spinach and Salmon. So completely off the meal plan. I mean It was still healthy so I’m not ashamed of my slip up, it was a moment of sheer desperation. Then Friday came and me and my Friend decided to go out for some drinks and food. It was already planned so I knew I would be bad, but I didn’t know how bad…

I opted for a vodka and lime soda (low calorie for me – usually its a cider!) And got a chicken burger with chips. Oops. It was heaven though. And this week long starvation must have done me good, cause usually I can breeze my way through that same meal and have loads of room for pudding and a few ciders, but I couldn’t even finish it… Triumph! But then the big night out we had planned got hijacked by football and terrible weather, so us girlies took cover and headed for home. We ended up drinking beer, eating ice cream and crisps and watching movies. A great night, but not for my waistline! Oh well.


My mood picked up and I ended up spending the weekend shopping for my Holiday wardrobe and then enjoying a fathers day meal with my boyfs family (Yes he’s back!) so as great as it would be to be slim, id rather be happy. Buuut today I have still been good with a smoothie for breakfast, weight watchers soup for lunch and a tuna jacket spud & salad for dinner πŸ™‚ A much healthier approach – even if it will take ages to shed the weight.

I’m still proud I went nearly 5 days with no carbs considering I have a major relationship with Bread.


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