Acid Diet

Morning Campers!

Its day one of an extreme diet I’m trying out – Feeling tense…

I found it via a Google search on how to lose weight fairly quickly, as I am due to head off to Greece in 3 weeks or so now. So getting pretty desperate, as my new year’s goal to lose about 3 stone isn’t really working. I Feel I’m building up my strength and my stamina definitely but I cannot see any results on my size/weight. So I’m giving this a go, and feeling determined.

So pretty much cleared the cupboards out, and as the bf’s away on a holiday this week, I thought it was the best opportunity, without him tempting me with his treats and ‘normal’ dinners. I went and got half a ton of fruit, some meat and had a last supper of ham rolls and Pepsi last night!

It’s a pretty acidic diet and the advice given states not to stray from the plan as it is ‘chemical’ so won’t work otherwise. I’ve started my day with plain wholemeal toast and a grilled tomato, have bought a lunch of fresh fruit (As much as I can eat! Yay!) And Dinner will be 2 boiled eggs and salad – Not too bad. I’m heading to the gym later so I hope this gives me the energy to do some cardio.

Throughout the rest of the weeks plan I have some steak, chicken, fish, lamb, daily grapefruit or tomatoes and PLENTY of eggs! It’s pretty strict, as I said before its ‘chemical’ so cannot stray, but it is guaranteed to make you lose about 14 lbs in the week – So fingers crossed! I’ve already declined a dinner invite from my aunt which is a little annoying as I feel I come across as rude, when I say ‘I’m dieting so I won’t eat your food, Ta!’ But feeling positive, and as the boys away I won’t have him tempting me with his snacks, and I can be as moody as I like! Bonus!

Annoyingly today I forgot to bring my green tea to work so feeling the hunger pains already! But I’m hoping I can stick this out as need to get my beach bod ready for my hols.

Wish me luck.


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