Summer Pom Pom’s


Just wanted to show you my latest creation!

I’ve noticed some Pom Pom shorts out and about on the high street and all over Pinterest (Of course!) But sadly they are a little out of my price range this summer. So I decided to opt for the next best thing… Ebay! I found some lovely tropical print skorts – A sort of skirt/short hybrid for those who aren’t in the know! And figured I’d sew pom poms on them myself. Simple!

The Starting point


I figured it would be fairly straight forward to do, and it was. A nice quiet 45 minutes or so on a Saturday afternoon, watching some Tele, completing my summer wardrobe!

The finished product! Now what to wear them with...?








I’m not quite sure what I would wear them with and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t survive a trip round the washing machine, but, they are great to look at!

Time for a well deserved Ginger Beer! (Non-alcoholic of course!)



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